Belize Yacht Club Breaks the Laws of Belize on Ambergris Caye

The Belize Yacht Club has decided that they are privatising their dock which is built like all docks on public land. They say that the dock is for use of their guests and their guests only.

Today the security jack booted thugs that they employ threw off some tourists who were waiting for a trip to Hol Chan. The tourists were very confused at being called crooks and thieves by these thugs as they had been told to await pick up on the dock.

Former CEO of the Belize Toiurism Board,Mike Singh, who is part owner of the Belize Yacht Club was unavailable for comment on this contravention of Belizean law. The manager of the BYC said we can do what we like and the dock is private property.

All docks are by law for the use of all members of the public. Otherwise the permit issued by the Town Council should be rescinded.

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