Belize Telemedia Ltd. (BTL) Blocking Normal Email Service in Belize

BTL uses nasty and crude blocking software to try and block applications such as Skype, Google Talk and any other software which allows voice communications. The problem is that BTL’s methods are so crude that problems occur with many other applications such as Gmail, Youtube and regular chat software.

So, here’s the rub: BTL is owned by the taxpayers but the taxpayers spend thousands of hours each week trying to make their regular email work because BTL wants to block Skype. Your humble correspondent has been in touch with management at BTL who deny that their blocking software has anything to do with Gmail and other “legitimate” applications malfunctioning. But, if you use tunneling programs to avoid BTL servers, VOILA! your Internet works perfectly.

Either BTL management is viciously and cynically lying or they’re just unbelievably and incredibly stupid and incompetent. I will give BTL management the benefit of the doubt. They’re both. BTL needs to cease and desist with this ridiculous policy of trying to block communications tools they don’t like. Belize isn’t North Korea.

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