Belize City….Unfair Influence in the Belize Elections

The Belize City electoral divisions of Pickstock, Fort George, Mesopotamia and Queens Square all have 3000-odd registered voters. Again, in Belize City, Collett, Freetown and Port Loyola have 4000-odd voters.  Each one of those divisions gets a seat. 

On the other hand, Belize Rural South (which includes Ambergris Caye), Belmopan, Cayo Central, Orange Walk North and Stann Creek West all have well over 7000 registered voters and each one gets just one seat as well. 

Clearly it is time to re-think the Belize City distribution of seats. Belize City should really only have a maximum of 7 or 8 seats instead of the present 10 with the lost seats being added by redistricting in the rural areas. In the 2012 elections the proper spread should have been 1 seat for about every 5750 registered voters. (Country wide there were 178,054 registered voters and 31 seats to contest).

It is worth noting that Belize City voted 8 divisions to 2 in favour of the incumbent UDP government whereas the outer districts were shaded by the PUP opposition. With proper redistricting the overall General Election result might not have been all that different but at least everyone would have had the same influence per vote cast.

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