Bars with No Toilets and Breaking the Licensing Rules on Ambergris Caye

Last night the Ambergris Daily went anbd visited two bars which are situated around Super Buy. One opposite stank of urine and had 3 girls who probably do not have the correct papers.They did not smile even though theirjob is to provide  company for San Pedro’s working class. The second close by which advertises Hong Kong and is very similar to the slums of downtown Kowloon where only the poorest of the poor go. This wonderful bar has no toilets, stinks, and is without a doubt totally disgusting, and has no place in San Pedro.

It is patently obvious that the SPLLB (San pedro liquor Licensing Board) does not have a clue about what is going on and they should either buck-up or resign. These bars praying on the workers with dubious fruit machines, are taking monies away from the families that really need sustinence.

This is a social problem and there is no reason why we in San Pedro should support these few bars,by allowing them to print money at our residents expense. There are now 14 girly bars and all are designed for local workers.

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