Assault Rifles at the Belize Yacht Club

The Belize Yacht Club has a minimum of two off duty policemen carrying AR15s which are commonly used assault rifles by various national armies around the globe. One of the policemen was asked what was he doing on the beach with this overpowering weapon and the reply was I am securing the perimeter for the casino. The officer in charge reported that it was a police matter and that anything the police do is not a matter for open discussion-remember we pay their wages but the taxpayers are not allowed an opinion. A former military man who spent many years in our majesty’s army pointed out that under no circumstances would a single soldier be allowed to patrol by himself as it is just to dangerous for all concerned.

The AD finds this situation unbelievable. We have McAfee -we now have a resort that is looking like a concentration camp as there are more non-uniformed security guards than they have guests, although it is not apparent if these are actually armed. It is also very distressing for visitors to the island seeing people walking around with assault rifles.

The property owners in the BYC are also not happy with the situation, and wish that everything would be toned down but at the present moment they believe that this is very unlikely.


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