Answer to Tammy’s Letter on Ambergris Caye

1. How many people are NOT allowed to travel beyond Belize’s borders.

2. How many people do NOT have a passport that live in Belize but are in essence a foreigner.

3. Kidnapping is a crime-taking a child(ren) across borders against court orders is a crime-surely the father has some rights.

4 You do not win a Hague Convention and certainly a scrappy piece of paper from a magistrate from Belize does not count.

5.Caribbean Villas has 3 boats with their names on it as do others but Tammy has kept them,and lends them to whoever she wishes but not to the sponsors who are in dire need of extra boats for the San Pedro Sailing Club.

6.The Belize Board of Education have issued no paperwork for a school on Ambergris Caye to be run by foreigners. They would be delighted to have a school as long as people follow the stipulated rules and regulations of Belize-some people just  want to do it their way.

7.To go to a university in the USA takes money and that is all-to get scholarships which are open to everyone. The student has to be extremely bright and work extremely hard to get one.

8.We have no idea if Peter Lawrence has done anything for charity or not,and having contacted him -his answer was -Charity is private. However we believe he has helped many organisations in the past and we have no reason to believe that he will not  continue to do so.

9. How many people do you know who are on the lam from the USA?

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