An Idea for All Bars/Restaurants/Businessses and the the SPTLB

With the continuing crime epidemic happening in San Pedro it would obviously be great to have a CCTV surveillance system which covers all of Ambergris Caye. Obviously due to cost this is impossible but surely it could be that every business be required to have at least 2 cameras inside the place of business and two facing the street no matter what street they are on. These security cameras can keep data up to 3 months on a simple dvd system run through a computer,all businesses have a computer so the cost could be as low as 500bzd which is amazing value for protecting the public and guests to the island.

The AD’s idea would be that everyone who applies for a liquor license and maybe ¬†a general trade license has to put up a video surveillance system which is available for the police to view during the businesses operating hours. This is a cheap way of providing a system that will benefit all the community.

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