America’s Drug Problem Causes Major Problems for Belize

Legalise drugs any intelligent person knows that haste be done,and it will be in the next 100 years. Unfortunately not in this writers lifetime but it will be done as prohibition did not work neither is making drugs illegal.

The only people who gain are the law enforcement agencies of every country from Afghanistan to Columbia to the USA and Europe. People want to partake in the drug culture and hundreds of thousands are being killed because of it. A few people are becoming very rich and powerful and they see it as their raison d’être to keep all drugs illegal (how could they make money if it was legal).

President Obama is a typical middle class american who partook in smoking illegal drugs for years but now he wants to still ban them as he at the age of 16-21 years old living in Hawaii knew how to handle this illegal activity but others do not.

He is the singular most important person in the world and is causing more hardship in all over Central and South America than any other human being on the planet.

Why should we in Belize have to follow his doctrine which will never in the end work. We need laws in Belize that make sense and with the Americans demanding more and more illegal substances from South America which will cause us as a nation more and more problems as we have become a major conduit for the drug smugglers to get their product to the USA, and somehow Obama blames us amongst other countries for the drug problem in the USA.

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