American Airlines bankruptcy filing

This can’t be the best news for tourism in Belize. American Airlines, which supplies Belize with 2 flights daily out of Miami and 1 out of Dallas has filed for bankruptcy citing reduced travel demand and high fuel and labour costs. This should allow the airline to re-structure and to do a bit of union busting and efficiency management. Hopefully the airline will come out of this stronger and leaner. At this time routes to Belize are not affected as they are enormously profitable to the airline. American says they are honouring all bookings and that frequent fliers with saved miles will also not be affected.

Nevertheless anyone wanting to visit Belize and planning to book American will likely hesitate and double check with the airline before laying out their hard earned cash. For Belize this hesitation will probably cost us a few hotel bookings.

Makes you wonder….if President Obama was to get his “Jobs Act” through Congress (something that looks completely impossible now) how would the extra $100US per passenger tax he would have implemented to help pay for the Jobs Act have affected the airline industry?



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