Ambergris Caye Road North….an Embarrassment. Help needed!

The following email was sent last week to Mayor Danny and Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism: (No reply received yet).

Dear Hon. Manuel and Mayor Danny,

I hope you and those close to you are all well.

I’m wring this email to urgently plead for Ministry of Works/Government of Belize help with the road north between The Bridge and Journey’s End. A couple of years ago the Ministry of Works showed up in force for a couple of great weeks and completely repaired this critical 3 mile stretch of road. This was done to accommodate various VIP’s from Central and South American countries.

Now the road is completely shot. It is virtually unusable. I am tired of explaining the road situation to our tourist guests. It is an embarrassment. This is a very busy road. Hundreds, sometimes THOUSANDS of trips a day are made on this road and it is a critical artery to the attractions and resorts north of town. Furthermore the road wrecks vehicles, it affects those with bad backs and it causes terrible problems on the beach because motorbikes and bicycles now use the beach routinely because they can’t use the “road.” This is wrecking the peace and quiet that tourists come to Belize to experience.

I know that the San Pedro Town Council is short of funds and cannot help. But, we have been a UDP island now for over 10 years. It is time for Central Government to invest a few barge loads of decent marl road fill and a grader and a roller to get this road back to a decent state of repair. Furthermore this really needs to be done once a year. Hon. Manuel, you are in your 3rd term in Government. You must have very good seniority by now. As our Area Rep. and as Minister of Tourism you must know that something as basic as a reasonably good road should be a staple for everyone connected with tourism, whether it’s the workers and businesses who serve them or the tourists themselves. Central Government does very little to invest in our island road infrastructure. Surely it is time for that to change.

If a good road from the bridge to Journey’s End was needed for Central American ministers for a couple of days then it should be an absolute and minimum necessity for the thousands of tourists, workers, the many hotels and resorts and businesses and residents and BELIZEANS of Ambergris Caye. This is something that could be done within weeks if the will exists.

Thanks for your kind and urgent consideration.
Yours Sincerely,
Chris Allnatt

p.s. Isn’t it time for our island of close to 20,000 people to have a Ministry of Works depot and a budget to match?

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