Ambergris Caye Property Taxes…Condos

The previous San Pedro Town Council administration under Mayoress Jabba the Paz tried to impose huge random property tax increases with no set formula in place. This was stupid and it didn’t work. So, what should the formula be for, say, condominiums? Utilizing at least 3 minutes of thinking time here is what we came up with:

Add $200BZE per bedroom.
Add $400BZE if the condo is in a beachfront development.
Add $200BZE if the condo is on or within 300ft of a main paved road.
Add $100BZE if the condo enjoys Town Council trash collection (ie. condo owner or development doesn’t have to deal with their own trash disposal or transportation).

So, using the above formula a 2 bedroom condo at Banyan Bay would pay property taxes of $1100 BZE a year. A 3 bedroom condo at Coco Beach would pay $1000 BZE also. (It has the extra bedroom but is not on or close to a paved road and the development has to transport its trash).

A 2 bedroom at a small complex such as Doyle’s Apartments would pay just $500BZE per year (non oceanfront development, not near a paved road).

There are many different formulas one could play with to calculate condo taxes but we think this is a very good starting point. Please argue amongst yourselves if you think the formula needs to be tweaked. We are too busy being utter geniuses to join in your deliberations.

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