Ambergris Caye High School has no licenses to operate

This letter and email has been sent around to various luminaries without the permission of the Belize Department of Education,and they have said under the present circumstances they will not be allowed to open in the forseeable future. Apparently a number of donations have already been given and the school has over 8 enrolled students which are expecting to attend the school in august-what a tangled web we weave.

From: Cheryl Bowen <>
Sent: Thursday, August 8, 2013 2:09:03 PM
Subject: Ambergris Caye High School and The Hopewell Foundation

Dear Friends and Family,
Many of you share my passion for education and understand the difficulties that students in third world countries face without the opportunity to receive a globally competitive education. As a community member here in San Pedro, Belize, I have teamed with two other dynamic women to find an educational solution for at least some of our deserving and talented students.
We are opening a private-online learning center in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America.  All curriculum, teachers and counselors will be provided online by Texas Tech University Independent School District. located in Lubbock, Texas. Students will attend school daily, online from our center, Ambergris Caye High School. There will be an onsite Administrator that is a qualified teacher in Belize to over see the day to day activities and learning with the students, including attendance, focusing, giving tests and help with understanding assignments where it is needed.  We have organized “coaches” in each of the subjects (instead of tutors) that will be available to the students when they have questions or need assistance in a particular subject. We have designed our schedule with a CORE subject each day, unlike the more common five classs each day. Math will be Monday mornings, English Tuesday mornings, Science Wednesday mornings, Social Studies Thursday mornings. Spanish, Art and Physical Education will be taught in the afternoons.  Friday is a “make up day” so that all work for the week is complete by Friday.  We have organized rewards for those that are done by Thursday with all assignments.  We are also doing a longer school day so that ‘homework,” the necessary independent practice can be completed prior to leaving school.  Many of our students either work or lack at home support to complete assignments after school.  Our physical education program has an online component along with the opportunity for students to participate in both sailing and SCUBA diving.  This has all been organized with tour companies here along with the San Pedro Sailing Club.  Art is also an online class, but we have the advantage of having a local art teacher available two days each week in the afternoon.
Quality education is not cheap! The cost per student per year to attend this program is $5,000.00 US. WE NEED SPONSORS FOR KIDS!!! The Hopewell Foundation in the US has generously offered their help in securing TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations. Sponsors and supporters may donate to The Hopewell Foundation in the US and use it as a tax deduction/write off with a tax ID number and the 501C3 letter from the Foundation. Why give your hard earned money to the government if you can donate it to someone that will respect and appreciate the gift forever?  Each person that sponsors a student will be kept updated on the student’s progress and grades through weekly emails. One of our goals is to foster positive relationships between our students and their sponsors, hopefully building a lifelong  friendship.  We would love for you to visit Ambergris Caye, visit the school, meet your student, and spend quality time with him/her.  The best part of this all is that following graduation, with a US high school diploma in hand, students will be eligible to apply for scholarships and grants to go to college. Texas Tech University will offers a competitive scholarship for all graduates of our program.
We have MANY deserving students seeking to improve their opportunities and to become contributing members of a global society and to contribute back to the local community. If you are living in San Pedro or are a frequent visito and know of someone YOU want to sponsor, just let us know. If not, we are happy to pair you up with a potential student. We have room available for the upcoming school year.
If you would like to offer full or partial sponsorship or a donation in any amount, please respond via email. Of course, I am always available to answer questions.
Thank you for your kind consideration of this opportunity.
Cheryl Bowen
Livin’ the Dream in Paradise

From: tammy peterson <>
Sent: Friday, July 26, 2013 9:51 AM
Subject: The Hopewell Foundation

This all started with a couple friends of mine coming together having lunch and talking about the kids needing more here.  Me personally, my daughter needing a high school and a continuance of The Island Academy level.  There is no more room in the high school we have now, they have started night classes to accommodate more students but it just isn’t enough, they are full. (As well you have to do two years of Junior college after the four years of high school to get into University here). Six years of high school?  St. Catherine’s Academy is a long haul to the mainland everyday with an hour and a half boat ride and staying during the week and home on weekends isn’t an option. I don’t want to “ship” my daughter off to boarding school in the states either. So, Cheryl Bowen is a retired principal from California,  Tina Hayden has been doing the “online” program with her daughter already, Mary Mooney is a Hague Accredited Officer that deals in adoptions and Social Services here, and myself,  I am just a mom with kids that need school and education.  We have formed a Board of Directors, mostly with Cheryl’s background knowledge being a principal, that will support all needs of the kids to complete this four year program. Tina’s knowledge of the courses and classes has been most useful in planning the day to day. Mary’s knowledge of the kids in need on the island. And myself, being a mom!
Cost of this per year is 5,000.00 US per student.  I know it sounds like a lot but when you break it down to a private education that kids will go to college with!  It really isn’t!  We are only taking 14/15 students this year to make sure things go as we planned and smooth.  We will reevaluate next year with more students.
The Hopewell Foundation is helping us from the states.  You may donate to The Hopewell Foundation in the US and use it as a tax deduction/write off with a tax ID number and the 501C3 letter from the Foundation. “Why give it to Uncle Sam if you can give it to someone that will respect the gift forever”!  Each person that sponsors a student will see grades, will get emails on a weekly basis of status of the student and what they are doing in life in general. Hopefully building a friendship.  If you come to Ambergris Caye you can most definitely meet them, see the school and spend time with them.  The best part of this all is that they can get scholarships and grants to go to college and Texas Tech is almost a “shoe in” with good grades!  ALSO to those of you that come often and know of someone YOU want to sponsor that is great!  We have room at this point and would love to have them!
Please email me with a “YES” you can help!  We have only a few weeks to get this going.  Our approvals took longer than anticipated with the government here.  But we are set to start the end of August!  PLEASE DONATE!  Any letters needed or explanations needed please ask!  We will provide you any documentation you need to support this amazing cause.
Thanks for your time and reading!
Tammy Peterson
Ambergris Caye
501-226-4400 office




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