Ambergris Caye – are we this stupid?

As the Ambergris Daily looks around we see more and more people campaigning for the local elections. Is it red or is it blue? The majority of the business people just want honesty. Why should they tell everyone that they have done such a great job when the silent majority know that all monies have disappeared with the rapidity of “Speedy Gonzalez”.

In the next elections it has to be, the Ambergris Daily says, that we have to elect a Mayor and a Town Council that do not run a personal vendetta against anyone who believes in freedom of speech.

We need transparency, honesty and people who do not believe that they deserve a livelihood that is well beyond their dreams. We do not expect people to have houses, appartments in foreign countries, building projects that cannot be completed on salaries of less than 50,000 BZD a year. Let the majority of taxpayers rule.


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