Ambergris Caye and North Korea to be Twinned

It has come to the attention of the Ambergris Daily that at present there are high level negotiations taking place between Kin Jung 111 of North Korea and the powers to be on San Pedro that both entities will be twinned.

North Korea as we know has a history of allowing free speech and open debates, as does the town board in San Pedro. Without a doubt it is hoped that this historic milestone will be reached and all papers signed accordingly. It is hoped that N. Korea will send everyone in San Pedro a uniform that must be worn at all times. Also there will be a rally 3 times a day which will be compulsory for all to attend, and of course it will be held around Elsa’s and Richard’s clock. Pictures of them will be broadcast from the jumbotrons 24 hours a day with everyone who passes must salute while looking directly at their highnesses visages.

Public outcries and screaming with real tears will be encouraged and all those who do not comply, and attend with real deference will be sent to Caye Caulker for political retraining.

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