Alcohol Laws on Good Friday are Crackers on Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye will be packed with visitors on Good Friday which falls on april 8th. All businesses that open have to pay their staff triple time which is completely nuts, and this should be changed for the tourism market. The liquor licensing chairman of Ambergris Caye part owns and runs the famed Elvi’s kitchen, and has ruled this year that there will be no alcohol served till after 9.00pm. Her restauarant will be closed as Elvi’s has a policy that they will and have never paid their staff the extra wages. This is their right but what happens to the tourists if every restaurant owner follows this logic. The internet messages will go viral and Ambergris Caye and Belize in general will be slammed across the world as people who come here,spending 000’s of usd need to eat.

The BTB, The Minister of Tourism and the Town Board have said they do not believe people have to drink which is perfectly true but they are expecting restaurants to open up and lose money as alcohol provided with a meal is very profitable and by taking this away it means that every restaurant which opens on Good Friday will lose money.

The police are being instructed to check every licensed premises to see if they are serving alcohol. Surely to God they have more important things to do. All hotels north will probably as they have done in the past is just ignore this archaic ruling but where the majority of the visitors congregate which is obviously in town may find it very difficult to find something to eat.Please remember that all supermarkets (due in part to their non-complaince on election day) have been ordered to close for 24 hours.

The Minister of Tourism should stand-up and support all restaurants and hotels and allow them to serve alcohol after 6.00pm and allow them to make up their losses and maybe even make a small profit.We suggest that all managers and owners should call our minister,the BTB and the Town Board and voice their displeasure at the way the tourists will and are going to be treated. Remember they do not have to visit here, and can go to Mexico,the Bahamas and the restĀ  of the Caribbean.

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