Abuse of Power by San Pedro Police

As one sees with the headlines of the various blogs and the San Pedro Sun newspaper, Peter Lawrence, the owners of Pedro’s Inn and Hotel was arrested under the suspicion of running an illegal gaming house. Mr Lawrence has been living in Belize for just under 13 years and is a Belizean citizen. He employs many locals and supports numerous charities, raising in excess of $30,000 Bz per year for them.

The Ambergris Daily finds it surprising that Mr Lawrence, unlike most of the drug dealers, hookers and other criminals that infest our island, was not released on his own recogiance or police bail. He and Ms Ramos were imprisioned for 16 hours until his lawyer managed to get them both in front of the Magistrate, who promptly released them on mimimal bails.

Surely the Police did not have other agendas or were not working for other gambling concerns. Remember Mr Lawrence has been congratulated in the newspapers many times by no less than the South Neighborhood Watch, the San Pedro Town Library, Liberty Orphanage, Saga Society, Island Academy and the San Pedro Animal Foundation. Many times have the local police force come in and drank at Pedro’s Inn and looked at Pedro’s Poker Club License and for years were very happy with it.

During his stay in San Pedro Jail it was obvious that hookers, drug dealers and liquor smugglers were in and out of the police station, and not ever incarcerated.

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