A wake up call for Ambergris Caye on law and order

With the untimely death of Gregory Viant Faull and as it fully appears that John McAfee orchestrated if not pulled the trigger himself that we have had a murder on Ambergris Caye that could hurt everyone’s livelihood.

A few months ago, the AD described John McAfee as a few raisins short of a fruitcake and his neighbours have been reporting him to the police due to his increasingly bizarre behaviour which included shooting his pistol at the moon with live bullets. His employment of gang members and rogue ex-police men both here and in Orange Walk rose a few eyelids but no one really did anything. There have been a number of reports sent to the police but they pointed out that it was too far for them to go, and anyway he has a gun permit.

The tragic part is that an American resident of San Pedro is dead, and all he did was complain about the pack of vicious dogs that McAfee had on his property, albeit that he may have poisoned some. McAfee is now on the run, but we have to have more police, BDF and security patrolling on our island. All of us have to remember that if we see something that seems weird we have to report it. Maybe if we all did the neighbour would still be alive.

The North Ambergris neighbour hood has been terrified by McAfee’s behaviour but were not prepared to report all these concerns to the appropriate officials.

The other question that needs answering is how the hell did he get all of the illegal items into the country that he recently donated to the San Pedro Police? Within 2 days of the Mayor’s call for assistance, McAfee donated a large number of Tazers, Pepper Spray and other things – which are illegal to possess in this country. He obviously had them on hand as it would be impossible to have those things shipped into the country in such a short time span.


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