A Voters Guide on Ambergris Caye

We hope that a lot of registered voters in Belize and San Pedro are reading this article. When you cast your vote make sure it gets counted.

1. National Elections: Don’t vote for more than one candidate. If you do your ballot won’t count.

2. Town Council and Mayoral Elections: If you want to vote for 1 party for Mayor and another party or parties for the town councilor candidates, be careful. You can only place 7 votes INCLUDING  the mayoral vote. So, in San Pedro if you vote for Melanie Paz for Mayor you can only vote for 6 other town councilors. If you make one “X” too many your whole ballot is going to be discarded and also if you mistakenly vote for 2 Mayoral candidates your ENTIRE ballot will not be counted. As an example, you vote for Melanie for Mayor and want to vote for 6 PUP councilors…be careful, don’t also put an “X'” next to the PUP mayoral candidate because your WHOLE BALLOT will be trashed. Just vote for the 6 PUP councilors. Same goes if you want to split your vote….let’s say you vote for Melanie for Mayor…and want to vote for 3 UDP and 3 PUP councilors…same thing, don’t put an “X” next to either the UDP or PUP mayoral candidate.

3. Only want to vote for 1 Mayoral candidate and NO town council candidates ..or perhaps you only like 2 or 3 of the town council candidates?…our advice is don’t leave your councilor votes blank if you want to avoid your ballot being “altered.” Vote for 6 councilors, perhaps 3 from each party. This way at least your vote is split rather than having some party hack adding votes where you don’t want them. Do not make the mistake of “protest voting” by placing “X” next to every councilor candidate because this will invalidate your vote for Melanie or any other Mayoral candidate. There are 12 councilor candidates but you only have 6 councilor votes. Use no more and no less than 6 votes.

4. If you make an error on your ballot don’t try and change anything by crossing out. ASK FOR A NEW BALLOT and hand the old ballot back to the election officials in clear view of the party officials so that it can be properly disposed of.



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