A visit to San Pedro Police Station

Holy Crap! What has happened? Now when you walk into the police station you are greeted by an officer with a smile, saying ‘How can I help you?” What has happened to the attitude of you being treated like worse than a piece of poo on the bottom of someone’s shoe – if they even bother to talk to you!

Chief Superintendent Castellanos and his able assistant Mr. Puc have, in a matter of days, changed the attitude of most of the officers. He stated that he is here to serve the community, not the other way around and he said his first job is to get back the trust of the community that he says the police did not deserve that trust, it needs to be earned as it was blatantly abused in the past.

The Ambergris Daily is obviously highly impressed and is prepared, for the first time in years, to give it’s backing to the new hierarchy.

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