A Tribute to Hon. Manuel Heredia, Our Area Representative-Readers letter

This is a letter from one of our readers

The Hon. Manuel Heredia got himself elected for a 3rd term in March. In his first 2 terms (5 years each term) he managed to lay low and pretty much avoid the hard issues faced by the people of Ambergris Caye. He was able to let the horribly incompetent and sly Mayor Elsa Paz run things on Ambergris Caye. He pretty much ignored Caye Caulker.

Now that has changed. Rather than just laying low and attempting to stay out of the way he is now actively refusing to tackle the severe problems our island finds itself facing. We’re stuck with increasing crime, an inept and corrupt police force which is a waste of taxpayer money and road infrastructure which is either non-existent or falling to bits. Citizens have asked him the hard questions via. email and phone call and he has steadfastly refused to answer them.

What Manuel Heredia, Area Rep. and Minister of Tourism has done, and is doing, is extend a ministerial middle finger to every tax paying citizen on Ambergris Caye. He knows full well that most of the tax money collected here leaves the island and never comes back. But, he doesn’t have to do his job and lobby the government that he is a part of to get some of our tax dollars re-invested. He’s happy to run his own little land scams, his girly bar (co-owner, it is said), he wants to look like that humble San Pedro fisherman except everyone knows he’s really feathering his bed at the expense of the people of San Pedro.

On a further note just prove to the tax-payers that this article is not true and do the jobs that you were elected to do.



An accurate and appropriate tribute to our Hon. Manuel Heredia. We salute you, sir! It take balls to be so spitefully uncaring to the people who elected you.

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