A prize pizza for the Winner – Spot the drug dealer

What on Earth are our drug dealers doing by allowing a White American male to walk up and down front street and the beach accompanied by a 15 year old Belizean (who’s napsack contains all the drugs that this guy is selling). This is disgraceful! This is Central America territory – who allowed an American to become a drug dealer? Is it possible that the American Government is sending drug dealers down here, or is the competition to much in the USA?

A pizza will be given to the first Police Officer to arrest this scumbag and another prize pizza will be given to the first photograph of the guy actively dealing. This should not be very difficult as the guy is constantly annoying visitors and residents alike.

Hopefully Bubba is awaiting this scourge of humanity to arrive at his room in Hattieville. Bubba will be delighted to show him the error of his ways, and teach him how to be a willing partner in a blissful relationship.

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