A Precis from The Sociopath Next Door

The AD wonders if anyone sees something familiar-this is a précis from chapter 4

Human beings are both strongly averse to killing each other and strongly obedient towardsauthority. This produces an interesting tension in situations like warfare.Wars are often caused by sociopath leaders who gain control over millions of ordinary, obedient people.Chapter 4: The nicest person in the worldSociopaths commonly put a lot of effort into their physical appearance and into a well-cultivated persona.People who know sociopaths usually fail to see the patterns in their behavior or ignore thewarning signs out of incredulity. [“He can’t be that dishonest…”]A “covetous sociopath” seeks to bring down people around them whom they consider superior.Sociopaths are experts at using threats, blackmail, bluffing, lies, and all sorts of other dirty tricksto control or hurt people around them. They also have a strong knack for sensing weakness inother people and coming up with ways to exploit that weakness.Chapter 5: Why conscience is partially blindMore characteristics of sociopaths:-Very charismatic, magnetic and charming. (The most interesting person at the party. Everyonewants to talk to them or hear them speak.)-Often have a certain “look” in their eyes that can be either hypnotizing or disturbing.-Follow high-risk, spur-of-the-moment, adventurous lifestyles that often attract people who wantexcitement. The sociopath often uses these people for money, sex, to take risks for criminal ends,or something else and then ditches them after they’re of no further use.-Will shamelessly use good looks and sexual blackmail to neutralize enemies.-Are naturally good actors and will feign interest and emotional responses when necessary.-When finally cornered for their misdeeds, the sociopath will start crying or fly into righteousindignation to drive away enemies. It’s always an act.-Sociopaths sometimes self-proclaim themselves to be animal lovers, artists, charity workers, or some other benign type of person so as the reduce suspicion of their true character.-After a sociopath has finally been exposed and punished, it’s very common for several peoplewho knew them to come forward and voice long-held suspicions and strange observations theyhad never before shared. Each person knew that something was wrong with the sociopath, butlacking any knowledge of abnormal psychology and unsuspecting that the sociopath had such analien mindset, the people never were able to understand what was really going on. The commonrefrain is that each person kept quiet about what they knew about the sociopath because “It wastoo crazy for anyone else to believe.”-A sociopath’s behavior makes no sense if you start from the assumption that they think like youdo.The inability to form emotional attachments with other humans is perhaps the biggest hallmark of psychopathy

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