A Possible Solution to Dog Poisioning

Years ago Rojo Lounge and Victoria offered to buy a very expensive dart gun and donate it to the town and SAGA. However nobody took them up on their offer but the AD is sure that they would again offer to do this.

It seems a fairly obvious decision to appoint a dog catcher who is and expert with guns (there are many hunters in San pedro),and pay him 25bzd per dog captured and placed in Fort Dog. If the dog is not claimed in 5 days he or she is put down by using an accepted form of euthanasia. If the dog is claimed the owner has to pay 50bzd to get the dog back and given a warning to keep the animal under control.

Fort Dog would be full for weeks but eventually it is highly likely that the stray dog population would be under control,and SAGA would be able to keep its costs down by having no stray dogs under their care for more than 5 days. This is how it is done in many countries around the world.

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