A letter from Tammy Peterson on Ambergris Caye

This diatribe is from Tammy Peterson and we will publish it in full, and then reply to her rants.

I typically don’t “rant” about anyone or anything here on FB as it doesn’t matter to most and half don’t know what the hell your talkin about anyway…..
Today I decided to share some facts….
Someone has a “message board” here on the island that posts pretty much nothing but complaints or lies or just plain bullshit about people….His “motto” is “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story”….whatever!
Message Boards should be about facts, things going on and information….not gossip that is made up!
He loves to attack people for personal reasons to make himself look better (or try)and blame it on things he says are facts about them, their business or something he makes up to suit himself.
He wouldn’t know a “fact” if it hit him in the head! He loves to have others do his dirty work and have other “suckers” take the heat for him and stand behind them and smile….
Really to me “no back bone”. What he says about a place he chooses to call homes a joke. No one is forcing him to be here. Honestly he doesn’t really do the island justice. The progres that has been made here, the things people have done that are good. He seems to forget all that. He loves to complain yet I have never seen him lift a finger to change or help DO anything here but bitch. He said once “I don’t do anything for free”…..
You can’t respond to his message board which I think is funny… He has that part turned off or everyone here would tell him what they think of him, his posts and all the crap he loves to spread “claiming” to be truth. Sad part is he doesn’t get that people from the US/Canada and all over sadly read his crap and abuse of a message board hurting others and his OWN businesses (and there are mulitple with other sources LOL!) with the crap and lies he posts about everyone and everything about here. HELLO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

So posts about me:
It is no secret and never has been, that I have had some problems in the US I am not proud of, but it is what it is. And sad to say, I would do it again if forced too. Yes I did not return my daughter to the US after I moved here. If someone really wants details…ASK! Happy to share! I moved to Belize with a court order. I have it, I can show you if anyone questions that. Someday hopefully soon it will be worked out. It is not forgotten, it is being worked on now. I have won the Hague Convention Treaty Act. If you don’t know what that is “google” it. I can share a copy of it if someone would really care to see the outcome of that too.

As for sailing. Faith is the reason I became involved in sailing. The kids are why I am still here now. Faith loves it even though sometimes she won’t say so….her results show it! There is a group of us parents that spend 20+ hours a week with a group of kids here that we care about. We have been working at this for over three years….some have “left us”, some have “moved on”, some have “joined us” but we still “move forward”. That is called progress. We wish no one “ill will”, we just wish to be left alone to do what we are doing. Quit worry about what we are doing and “focus grasshopper” on your own stuff…. We work our asses off honestly! These kids are the San Pedro Junior Sailing Team and Club. Not only do we sail, we help with homework, we help with schooling, fees, uniforms, we see them on off hours for dinners, lunches, movies, pageants, fun trips. We help with issues at home. WE CARE! Not because we have to…we want to! We show it day to day….not with a cheese burger on a Sunday. It is seeing these kids strive for excellence. We are there everyday, all the time, no matter what. We sail a TON! We push hard, we ask for more, we have requirements. That is called LIFE SKILLS! Show up on time, give 110% and care! (Funny thing is the more we ask…the more they want to give their team). We are proud of these kids. They have become like family,not only to us but amongst each other. We know their moms and dads, brothers and sisters, their teachers, principals, we know where they live, help those that have hardships, we help where we can, if we can, and we usually find a way. For this person on this message board to constantly harass us over KID things is really sad. We are just doing what we have learned is needed and that is working with youth here in our community here on the island.

As for education here on the island. The high school is “tapped” with space here. There is no more room. They are offering night classes for run over kids. Teachers are tired. This is going to be an alternative….. not a replacement. These message board postings, comments from a year ago about a private high school is just that …FROM A YEAR AGO! Creating more drama, more chaos and more problems. We weren’t allowed to do it then, and we didn’t. Posting something from a year ago to get attention now is really sad. Again messing with kids…WHY? Do you not have anything better to do? There is a new on line high school coming to the island I am aware of and happy for it. It is licensed and permitted here in Belize. I have seen the proper paper work. If you would like more information on it, please feel free to private message me. I will be happy to put you in touch with her. This is about education for the kids. How does one make empty promises of things that aren’t possible to a few kids to get them to quit sailing? Sailing to some is all they have. There only possibility for a future. To go to college which is what we want for our sailors…

So this isn’t a rant…this is FACT!

And if you know who I am referring to…Please in passing the next time you see him, ask him politely to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Have a nice day!

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