48 Rooms Being Added to Caribbean Villas Hotel on Ambergris Caye

Over the last few and the next few months the new owners are adding 48 more hotel rooms. There will be 12 on each floor with an elevator in the middle. These rooms are  in the traditional hotel style but priced at a very reasonable rate which will allow more people to visit Isla Bonita during the peak seasons. All rooms will have their own balconies and all will have a view of the Caribbean Sea. The scheduled opening date is november 1.

The Beach Bar is and has been extended and will become a full blown restaurant by the end of november. The good news for guests is that the restaurant and bar will be closed by 9.30pm so as not to disturb the traditional tranquility of the resort. The restaurant opens and will open at 7.15am for breakfast,and continue throughout the day.

All of the “old” caribbean villas units are presently being upgraded,as scheduling permits, and all these rooms will have new windows,new beds,upgraded bathrooms,kitchens and sitting rooms. All units will be repainted.

Overall CVH will be providing a minimum of a  further 15 full time jobs to the local populace and with the builders and carpenters and general handymen earning good salaries which will be spent in the local market place. Incidentally all people being employed are paying their social security dues.

When this stage is finished the owners have yet to decide whether to develop anymore of the property . It is situated on one of the best beaches on Ambergris Caye,and one of its prime features is no sea wall which is ideal for children,swimmers and everyone else who like wandering into the sea.

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