Sunday Beach BBQ at Caribbean Villas tomorrow

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the huge Sunday Beach BBQ at Caribbean Villas Hotel, with Live Music from 2:00pm, BBQ from noon and sailing all day. It’s a beautiful spot to spend a day at the beach. Come on down and join us!

Splat and Jager’s Weather Report on Ambergris Caye for February 22nd 2014

Last night I was having a rare old time and I was hiding from the boss under a Kayak on the swimming pool deck. The kayak then moved and trapped me until 8 am this morning when the boss woke up! Anyway, I am now going to spend the rest of this glorious day (the sun is shining and the sky is blue) telling everyone how brave I was.

Belize City Port to close for 6 weeks?

Unbelievably, it appears that the Mash Barge captain, fell asleep whilst docking and managed to severely damage that dock and word has reached AD that the Port may have to be closed for 6 weeks for repairs as none of the big container ships can dock there.

Can anyone imagine what Belize will be like if no goods can be imported into the country through Belize City? All ships will be have to diverted to Big Creek and everything will have to be transported by road. Prices will surely go up on almost everything if this is the case. Hopefully the prices will come down again when the dock has been repaired. All we can say is thanks Mash.

Sailing at Caribbean Villas oN Sunday

All children between the ages of 8 and 15 are invited to come and be taught by commodore Andy on how to sail the optimist dinghies. It is totally free for all participants.

Bar-B-Que and Live Music at Caribbean Villas on Sunday

Well this sunday there is the weekly bar-b-que at Caribbean Villas and the choices on offer are grilled fish,ribs,pork chops,chicken,burgers and fish and chips. Food is served from 12.00pm and the band starts at around 1.30pm. All are welcome.

The bar is going to be increased in size so there will be more cover from the sun and work will start on monday or tuesday-there will also be a bigger deck.

Splat and Jager’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

Yet again this week has been great although the winds have been a little strong and have ruffled my fur. The dog has reported that the weather is fantastic for sailing,kite boarding and windsurfing -whatever they are.

Well I have had my breakfast and it is time to go and sunbathe at the pool.

New Rules for Beach Pedlars on Ambergris Caye

It appears that all peddlers will be allowed to set up on the queens beach and no-one will be able to stop them from”setting up shop”. They will be allowed tables and they can store them on the beach and they will have guarantees from the government that they will not be moved.

All resorts will be fairly upset with this as it will let undesirables se ll their various illegal wares under the cover of operating a legal business on tyne queens beach. Any enquires should be addressed to Hon. Manuel Herredia jr.-who was unavailable for comment.

Best Poker Run ever

On Saturday night the Poker Run was hugely oversubscribed, and one lucky couple won $1,050 and the graciously rang the bell at Pedro’s to celebrate their winnings. The next poker run will be held in 12 days.

Splay and Jager’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye for 17/02/14

It is an absolutely beautiful day, which is why I live in the Caribbean unlike you poor suckers up North. I think today I will send the dog back to the beach and I will luxuriate by the 2 swimming pools at Pedro’s.

What is going on with the sailing clubs

Yesterday, Tammy Peterson’s sailing club intentionally sailed (on orders) directly through the San Pedro Sailing Club’s racing course in the middle of a race (which was clearly marked with buoys). This women, with the dubious reputation, is trying to pit her kids against other kids. He popular expression is ‘I’m a hockey mom and the kids have to be tough”. The Ambergris Daily thinks this is absolutely crackers. Why does an adult want to create a war between children. She has said she does not want her kids to talk to the other kids, and to sail through someone else’s racing course is the worst display of sailing etiquette possible.

The San Pedro Sailing Club’s course was set up 200 yards either side of the dock at Caribbean Villas, and the other sailing club could have easily plotted another course that would have avoided confrontation. Peace, Harmony and good Sportsmanship should be championed, but at this point it is almost become a hate crime – only from one side.

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