Problems with Central Park

The Mayor agrees that Central Park should be for tourists and locals alike, not the personal property of stall-holders who monopolize everything and pay little or no rent, definitely no taxes and the Ambergris Daily advises that maybe they should go and check how many are actually legally in the country.

Also, stalls that are on the street should be moved or given traffic tickets, and every body should be moved to the 6 million dollar park on the old Football pitch.

Caribbean Villas and Hurricane Insurance

RF&G, which is the premier Insurance company in Belize, is so impressed with the building at Caribbean Villas that they have offered full hurricane insurance to the owners at a very favourable rate. The staff at RF&G are very impressed with the design and speed of construction. There is expected to be a Grand Opening Party on November 1st, 2014 celebrating the opening on the new hotel rooms.

Friday Night extravaganza at Pedro’s inn

It is Charlie’s birthday and for those who do not know, Charlie owns all of the businesses that Peter runs. She may be dead, but part of her last will and testament was that we had to celebrate her birthday each year. Mystery Chef (Hugo!) is coming down to cook his famous Paella and Charlie would be very grateful for this as Hugo is opening the best restaraunt in San Pedro. (For those of you who don’t know, Hugo and Victoria are opening a 2 story restaurant at Grand Caribe on September 1st).

It is highly advised that people who wish to have Paella to book in advance, as there is not an inexhaustable supply available. The normal menu with Pizza will also be available, and of course they will have Live Entertainment by Raul as usual.

Splat Jambo and Jager’s weather report for Ambergris Caye

Blue Skies with wispy clouds but there is definitely rain coming. For those of you that remember last year, this year is so much better. Jambo loves Caribbean Villas and wants to move there, especially as he has heard that there will be 3 swimming pools rather than just the 2 he has now to swim in at Pedro’s.

Karaoke at Pedro’s Tonight

Raul,who is a fabulous singer, is bringing his Karaoke system to Pedro’s tonight. Alex is going to sing a couple of her old favourites and there is some type of special drink being concocted.

Starts around 7.30pm

Splat’s,Jambo’s and Jager’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

It is a horrible day and the sun has taken a day off. It raine dogs and cats last night and those two idiots spent the night running up and down the stairs. Then Jambo got scared as there was a huge amount of lightning and went and hid under the bed.

Mondays Special at The Beach Bar CVH

Good Morning,

Lunch special: Coconut curry jerk snapper served with rice and beans and green salad $ 28.00 BZ.

Drink special : Island Stumbler $ 10 BZ

The Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas Daily Specials

The sun is shining and it’s beautiful down at the beach! The Daily Specials are: Fish Burger served with fries $25 and Drink: Caribbean Punch: $10.
Don’t forget that tomorrow is their weekly Beach BBQ with Live Music, Sailing, Great Food and Cold Drinks all afternoon – with the added fun of the World Cup final game at 2:00 pm! The band is starting early, and breaking for the game so come watch the excitement on the Beach on the big screen TV!

The Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas daily specials

Another day in Paradise down at the Beach! Today’s Specials at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas are:

Lunch: Caribbean Burger with Fries and Coleslaw $23
Drink: Bay Breeze $8

Daily Specials at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas

Another perfect day in paradise! The Daily Specials at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas are:
Fish Tostadas $20 for 4
Drink: Island Punch $8

Come on down to the beach and enjoy this beautiful day!

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